Our Rioja Alavesa wines

Boaz Eurogroup we are a family business that has over 35 years of marketing wine experience. Also we have extensive professional practice, being great connoisseurs of the world of wine. Our devotion to wine knows no limits.

A group led by a winery family like ours. Who walks hand in hand with a team of close collaborators of proven solvency, can make any of your dreams come true.

Vino con barril

Each wine has its own personality

Each Boaz Eurogroup wine has its own personality, tells its own story, offering you the history of its origins from the soil, its varieties, climate and character.

Every one of them has its moment, its role and only demands the opportunity to express, in a glass, its full potential.

Allow them to surprise and to delight you.

Enology consulting

We are a consulting and advising company in enology. With its own research capability to develop any projects requiring so, such as those aiming to create unique wines from autochthonous varieties.

Composiciรณn con uvas

Our philosophy is โ€œto contribute solutionsโ€

We believe in wine as a work of art, that generates emotions, excites and surprises. We believe in our grapes and in the soils of Spain. Our responsibility, as external advisors and collaborators in R+D, is to know and develop some systems and processes that remove the defects and enhance the own and unique characteristics provided by our varieties, all of them grown in our soils.